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Plan Check Expediting

  • Make inquires to all government agencies for plan check requirements
  • Perform submittals to all required agencies for review
  • Perform frequent status checks until plans are approved or ready for retrieval of corrections
  • Ability to secure over-the-counter plan checks when allowed by agency

Retrieve Plan Check Corrections

  • Retrieval of all corrections from each agency
  • Fax or overnight corrections to client/architect

Re-Submit Plans

  • Perform completeness review to ensure all corrections have been addressed prior to scheduling verification appointments or re-submissions
  • Attempt re-checks by appointment
  • Re-submit to each agency as required
  • Expedite re-checks with consistent follow-up calls (if over-the-counter re-checks are not available)
  • Status reports back to client, until project is permit-ready
Serving California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah and Texas. Other areas served on a case by case basis.
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